Welcome to Hypertech, where our team empower your business by unlocking the financial benefits you deserve but might not be aware of.

We specialise in navigating the complexities of R&D Tax Relief and Embedded Capital Allowances (ECA), ensuring UK companies like yours can reclaim significant funds to reinvest in your future growth.

Since the inception of the Government's R&D scheme in 2000, over £21.4 billion in tax relief has been claimed by businesses across the UK. Despite this, an astonishing 90% of businesses remain unaware they qualify for these incentives.

At Hypertech, we're here to simplify the claims process, managing over £25 million in tax incentives annually across diverse sectors. Our no win, no fee approach shows our genuine commitment to securing your funds: you only pay when we recover your rebate.

We operate with transparency and trust, helping clients understand that claiming tax relief is a legitimate right supported by the government. More than a service provider, we're a family-run business dedicated to supporting UK businesses. We build long-term relationships with clients and celebrate their successes like our own.

Discover how to benefit from tax relief on innovative activities or commercial property investments. We'll guide you from consultation to claim submission, ensuring you reclaim what's rightfully yours. Join the many businesses who've benefited, and let Hypertech unlock your business potential. Follow us to see how we can help your business thrive.

Unlocking Your Rightful Returns

Our Mission

To empower businesses by maximising tax relief and refunds for innovation and property investments, ensuring every client successfully claims their rightful returns.

Our Vision

To be a leading UK tax consultancy, driving business growth and innovation through expert, transparent, and client-focused tax recovery services.

Our Values

Transparency: Operating with honesty and clarity at every step, ensuring clients understand and trust the process and outcomes.

Collaboration: Cultivating strong relationships with clients and industry partners to enhance service effectiveness and client satisfaction.

Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, acting in the best interest of our clients' financial circumstances.

Client Focused: Prioritising the needs and successes of our clients, striving to understand your business and provide a personalised and meticulous service that exceeds expectations.


Alex Whear


As CEO and Founder, Alex leads Hypertech in unlocking the financial potential of businesses through R&D Tax Relief and Embedded Capital Allowances (ECA). Managing over £25 million in tax incentives annually, he is committed to simplifying the tax relief process for UK companies and ensuring they claim what they are rightfully owed. Despite over £21.4 billion being reclaimed since 2000, 90% of businesses are still unaware they qualify for these benefits. Under Alex’s leadership, Hypertech is changing that narrative.

Alex and his team provide guided support every step of the way operating on a no win, no fee basis, ensuring clients only pay when funds are successfully recovered. Hypertech is dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients, celebrating their wins, and maintaining transparency about the legitimacy of their claims.

Claiming tax relief is a legitimate right, why miss out? Alex and the Hypertech team are committed to helping businesses thrive by unlocking the funds they are owed and ensuring these funds contribute to their continued success.

William Sales

Business Development Manager

William, our Business Development Manager, brings a friendly and engaging approach to every client interaction at Hypertech. As the main point of contact for new clients, he ensures a welcoming and informative onboarding experience while carefully guiding them through our claims process.

In his role overseeing middle office operations, William ensures that all claims advance smoothly and efficiently through the various stages, keeping the lines of communication clear between our clients and the technical team. His strategic oversight ensures that each claim is managed with precision and is compliantwith regulations, maximising the financial benefits for our clients.

William also leads the development of new processes, constantly refining our workflow to streamline our services. His strategic acumen is crucial in aligning Hypertech’s goals with industry trends, ensuring we remain at the forefront of tax relief and financial consultancy.

Approachable and personable, William embodies Hypertech’s client-focused values, creating an environment where businesses feel supported and confident in securing the tax relief they are entitled to.

Debbie Hill

Administration Manager

Debbie joined Hypertech in December 2022 and serves as our dedicated Administration Manager. As the first point of contact for new clients, she ensures that everyone receives a warm welcome and that their initial interactions with Hypertech are seamless and professionally handled.

Debbie is responsible for managing all client data securely, adhering strictly to GDPR guidelines, and holds the ICO certificate in her name, demonstrating her expertise in data protection. She efficiently collates all necessary documentation for processing both ECA (Embedded Capital Allowances) and R&D (Research & Development) claims, ensuring that everything is in order for smooth operations.

In her daily duties, Debbie is in constant communication with clients, handling inquiries via email, and ensuring all necessary paperwork is promptly chased up. She also maintains regular contact with our technical team, skillfully coordinating between departments to facilitate timely outcomes for our claims processes.

Known for her helpful demeanor and meticulous attention to detail, Debbie is a vital link between Hypertech and our clients, contributing significantly to the overall success of our team.


At Hypertech, we see each role not just as a job, but as a vital part of our collective journey toward innovation and financial empowerment for our clients. Located in Chislehurst, Greater London, we are proud to be a friendly, family-run business that cherishes each team member.

Are you seeking a role where your transferable skills will shine? Do you excel in a performance-driven, no win no fee environment? Are you passionate about promoting products that offer significant tax savings? If so, Hypertech is the place for you.

By joining our team, you step into a career brimming with opportunities for growth and personal development. We are dedicated to nurturing our staff's potential as we evolve together, supported by a local community and a friendly team that makes work both enjoyable and rewarding.


Don't miss the chance to kickstart your exciting new career path with us. Send your CV to enquiries@hypertechpartnership.com today. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and building success together.